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The Experiment Set the timing in computer and give fertilizer with water


Khandwa (Madhya Pradesh): farms and task birth of water and fertilizer can now be released. Yes, sophisticated irrigation system automation and computer-linking Banana plantations are now sitting at home can be transmitted, fertilizer and water. The system has now been taken into cultivation crops adding 5 acres. Khandwa, Madhya Pradesh lagavai cotton research center in this system.

This type of system is also fitted Maharashtra. Which is only for irrigation. Its cost has not yet accounted for nearly 30 laces. Khandwa perceived cost of the system has yet to 5 laces. According to the director of the Center for Research in cotton after receiving the necessary tools to prepare it may cost even less. By this, we are ready to help farmers.

Cotton Research Center director Dr. P. P. According to Shastri said determined computer system manually turned off and can be served with both manure and water. The great thing is that the system has been designed to only 5 laces.

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