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Rooftop solar power projects

Grid tie solar system Grid tie solar system

These systems are designed to work with the grid alone. Thus, it is a combination of solar PV and grid. As these systems depend on the reference voltage provided by the grid for their operations, grid-tied systems do not work when the grid is down.

Commercial and Industrial Commercial and Industrial

Own a business? A manufacturing facility? A warehouse? Almost any commercial or industrial organization can benefit from solar energy. By adding solar, you can reduce occupancy costs and even create new revenue streams, and you can do it with small investment.

Residential rooftop Residential rooftop

We make it easy to switch to solar. Our dedicated team will handle everything from start to finish. We’ll even assign a solar concierge to your project who will guide you through the process and keep you informed about what’s happening every step of the way.

Our New Products

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Ethics-Floretor is Formulation of natural of plant extract and oil safe to use and environment friendly...

Green house heaters are useful for maintaining suitable temperature level in the greenhouse...

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