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Fumigation Service

Fumigation Service
Fumigation Service
Fumigation Service

Soil Fumigation can be used to control Soil-borne diseases, insects, nematodes and Weeds. The objective of fumigating greenhouses and plant beds is the eradication of weeds, nematodes, soil insects, damping off fungi and bacteria. This is critical for the successful production of greenhouse crops and healthy transplants for field use. It is important to prevent the introduction of contaminated tools or soil that have not been properly fumigated after the plant beds have been treated.

Methods of Soil Fumigations in Greenhouse

The Greenhouse can be fumigated by one of the following Methods:

Sr. No.

Methods (Agent)

Rate of Application




Steam 30 Min at 70° C

Allowing the soil temperature to increase above 82ºC can result in excessive release of ammonia, manganese toxicity, elevated salt levels, and the destruction of organic matter and beneficial organisms. And also Costly.


Formalin 37%

10 Kgs for 100 Sq. Meter

Time Consuming Process, Highly Toxic and Hazardous for Organic matters, Not effective on Nematodes.


H2O2 + Silver

30ml for 1 Sq. Meter

Slightly Costly than formalin method

1) H2O2 + Silver Methods for Soil Fumigation

H2O2 + Silver is a multi-component complex formulation containing Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) and Silver in nano form. Hydrogen Peroxide is known to have a strong germicidal effect. Silver is well known to possess anti-senescence properties. We, Ethics Infinity Pvt. Ltd. used H2O2 + Silver methods for the soil Fumigation for our customer.

H2O2 + Silver is formed by synergized reaction of hydrogen peroxide with nano silver ions in presence of catalyst in as pressure, pH and temperature controlled equipment. It is stabilized to prevent quick oxidation and degradation. H2O2 + Silver is an excellent disinfectant of soil and water. It is an odorless, non-toxic, eco-friendly, biodegradable product and does not emit harmful fumes during and post-applications.

The Combination of the two elements provides high efficacy in killing of bacteria, fungi and viruses in almost all possible applications such as soil, water, air and surface. This efficacy has already been widely proven in the horticulture Industry.

The process of disinfection is controlled by a store and depot action. In Which the peroxide gets activated only in presence of bacterial contact and once the bacteria is killed, silver quickly stabilized the peroxide tot store its action for storing its activity for the further use and not allowing peroxide to degrade.

Chemical SpecificationChemical Specification



Assay as Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2)

49.5 % to 50 %

Assay as Nano Silver

495 ppm to 505 ppm

pH value (neat)

1.5 to 2.0



Shelf Life

24 months

Benefits of H2O2 + SilverBenefits of H2O2 + Silver

The H2O2 + Silver has a lots of benefits which are defined in following three Groups:

  • Benefits to Growers
  • Benefits to Soil
  • Benefits to Crop

Benefits to GrowersBenefits to Growers

  • Time and energy saving
  • Crop is ready for Plantation within 4 hours of application
  • Stable in wide pH and temperature range
  • Does not release toxic fumes and harmful gases
  • Does not require water rinsing after disinfection
  • Soil does not need to be covered with plastic like that in case of formalin disinfection
  • Safe for Human health
  • Economical
  • Minimizes use of pesticides

Benefits to SoilBenefits to Soil

  • Destroys all fungal, bacterial and viral presence
  • Kills larva and eggs of the insects in soil
  • Eco-friendly and biodegradable
  • Non-mutagenic
  • Does not leave back toxic elements to the soil
  • Increases soil life
  • Can be used for regular treatment by drip, foliar and drenching
  • Adds more oxygen to soil
  • Improves water uptake of soil
  • Prevent/removes nematodes

Benefits to CropBenefits to Crop

  • Increases both marketable and production yield
  • DNA of bacteria is destroyed thus it cannot develop any resistance
  • Works as crop activator which enable crop to fight disease
  • Ethylene inhibition
  • Silver has anti-senescence properties, i.e. it prevents ageing of flowers & fruits
  • Does not produce phytotoxic effect
  • Does not cause spotting on flowers and fruits
  • Does not affect taste of fruit
  • Increase crop’s immunity

Benefits to CropApplication & Dosage of H2O2 + Silver

The following will the procedure for the pre plantation soil fumigation in the Greenhouse or Net house.

  • Moisten the Soil bed to field capacity with irrigation water.
  • Then Make Solution of H2O2 + Silver at 30ml/ liter of water (Make sure to use this solution within 2 hours of preparation & Do not mix any chemical with this, as this solution is highly reactive)
  • Apply solution uniformly over moist beds using spout at the rate of 1 Liter/ Sq. meter.
  • No need to wash out the Soil & No Need to cover the Soil with Plastic.
  • After 4 – 6 hours the Soil is ready and crop can be planted.

Comparison of H2O2 + Silver with FormalinComparison of H2O2 + Silver with Formalin




H2O2 + Silver



Yes. Degrades into Oxygen and Water

Carcinogenic (Causes Cancer)

Yes. Causes Cancer

No. Does not cause Cancer


Pungent toxic odor. Can cause severe lung problem



Highly toxic and hazardous for human

Non-toxic and FDA approved

Effectivity over Nematodes

Not effective on Nematodes

Very effective on Nematodes



Low. About 1/3rd of Formalin

Water required for soil flushing after treatment

Yes, requires 100 liter water per sq. meter for draining traces

Nil, Does not require flushing

Time between soil fumigation and plantation

3 weeks minimum

4 to 6 hours

Requires covering of soil with plastic



Can be used for regular treatment



Phyto-toxic effect on plant

Yes. Causes phyto-toxicity

No. Does not produce phyto-toxic effect

Ethylene Inhibition


Yes. Prevents ageing of flowers

Stability in Wide pH

Not stable

Stable in wide pH and temperature range

2)Formalin 37% Method for Soil Fumigation

The Formaldehyde chemical is used to Soil Fumigation.Formaldehyde is marketed as Formalin, an aqueous solution, which contains 37-40% formaldehyde, which has a poor penetration and diffusion ability.

Application & Dosage of Formalin 37%Application & Dosage of Formalin 37%

For drenching, the formalin used for fumigation should be mixed with water in 1:10 proportion. Formalin is used at the rate of 10 Kgs. for 100 sq. meter. i.e. 400 Kgs. of Formalin will be required for 4000 sq. meter Greenhouse. Soil Fumigation is normally done by covering the moist soil with a 25 Micron transparent polyethylene film exposed to sunlight. Immediately after Formalin drenching, cover the surface with poly film for a period of 5 to 7 days. By keeping film in this way soil gets heated up due to conversion of solar radiation into thermal radiation. As a result water droplets could be seen on the inner side of film. After 5 to 7 days, Drain out all residues of formalin by pouring water in soil 100 liter per sq. meter. Waiting period for planting after Formalin application is minimum 1 Week.

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