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Plastic Gutter

 Plastic Gutter
 Plastic Gutter

The Greenhouse Plastic Sheet Gutter is made from blend of UV Stabilized HDPE, LDPE & LLDPE produced by blown Multilayer Co-Extrusion process. As the Blown Film gives higher “Tear Resistance” as compare to other process products. It is used to drain the Water of Top Roof of Greenhouse. In Plastic Sheet Gutter, the performance properties like Diffusion, Anti – Drip, IR etc. are included.



  • Transparent : Allow maximum light Transmission
  • Shape Forming: It is a Self-Forming Gutter, Not required any machine for Bending.
  • Fitting: Less No. of Labour Required for fitting Plastic Gutter in compare to GI Gutter.
  • Temperature: Does not absorb heat, so No Heat transfer inside greenhouse from Gutter Portion.
  • Weight: Less Weight in Compare to GI Gutter.

Description Values
Color Transparent
Thickness 1400 Micron (1.4mm
Width 600mm
Light Transmission >70
Life Expectancy 5 Years
UV Stabilized Yes

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