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Ethics Infinity Pvt. Ltd.| Naturally Ventilated Greenhouse | India

Ethics Infinity Pvt. Ltd.| Naturally Ventilated Greenhouse | India
Ethics Infinity Pvt. Ltd.| Naturally Ventilated Greenhouse | India
Ethics Infinity Pvt. Ltd.| Naturally Ventilated Greenhouse | India
Ethics Infinity Pvt. Ltd.| Naturally Ventilated Greenhouse | India
Ethics Infinity Pvt. Ltd.| Naturally Ventilated Greenhouse | India
Ethics Infinity Pvt. Ltd.| Naturally Ventilated Greenhouse | India
Ethics Infinity Pvt. Ltd.| Naturally Ventilated Greenhouse | India
Ethics Infinity Pvt. Ltd.| Naturally Ventilated Greenhouse | India

Greenhouses are framed structures covered with transparent or translucent material large enough to grow crops under partial or fully controlled environmental conditions to get optimum growth and productivity. There are several types of Greenhouses i.e. Naturally Ventilated Greenhouse, Forced Ventilated Greenhouse, Shade net House etc.

We, Ethics Infinity Pvt. Ltd. are engaged in fabrication and erection of Naturally Ventilated Greenhouse. The Naturally ventilated Greenhouse was designed to meet the growing needs of farmers around the world to produce higher quality crops thus enhance the return. This naturally ventilated Greenhouse is designed to solve the problem of ventilation and humidity and is especially suited for hot and humid weather conditions.

Our Naturally Ventilated Greenhouse having vents at Top and at Sides. It exchanges air arising from the density difference of hot and cold air through air vents. Air exchange rates are very low and much dependent on the temperature difference between internal and ambient air. These greenhouses mainly rely on the wind pressure generated from one side and released from another side. In Naturally Ventilated Greenhouse, The Open Top Roof vents allows continues air flow to rescue the inside temperature the optimum level. The Open roof has wide anti-rain overlap, Protecting Crop from inflow of Rain. The Open Roof can also be made fully insect proof by fixing an additional screen of insect Netting.

We Provide Fully hot Dip Galvanized Structure covered with 200 micron polyethylene film. Our All components are prefabricated and there is no welding at site. We provide Hot Dip galvanized Industrial Press Gutter and Hot Dip galvanized plate clamps which ensure long life of Structure. Our Structure design is in such manner that it is withstand against the wind load of 150 Km/hour. It proves our structure stability.

Structure Technical DataStructure Technical Data




Naturally Ventilated Greenhouse

Bay Size

8-10 Meter (Span) x 4-5 Meter (Bay)

Top Height

6-7 Meter

Top Vent

1-1.5 Meter Opening fixed with 40 mesh Insect net

Gutter Height

3-5 meter from Floor Area

Gutter Slop

2% or as per requirement

Gutter Frame

Industrial Press Gutter made from GI Coil of 500mm Width

Gutter Clamp

Made From Hot Dip Galvanized Sheet of 2.5mm Thickness


2.5 Meter

Trellising Load

up to 25 Kg/m²

Wind Load

up to 150 Km/hour

Columns Pipe

76 mm OD

Trusses / Bottom Pipe

60 mm OD

Top Arches Pipe

48 mm OD

Purlins Pipe

Top Purlin : 48 mm OD; Other Purlin : 42 mm OD

Foundation Pipe

60 mm OD & 1.2 Meter Length


High Tensile Strength & Hot Dip Galvanized (120 GSM)

Entrance Door

Hinge Door made from Aluminum Frame & Polycarbonate Sheet

Wind Speed Load

150 km/hr

Trellising Load

25 kg/m2

Different Types Of DesignDifferent Types Of Design

Greenhouse Fixed Vent Classic Design
Greenhouse Fixed Vent Standard Design
Greenhouse Fixed Vent Supreme Design
Greenhouse SAW Tooth Standard Design
Greenhouse Umbrella Vent Design
Greenhouse Saw Tooth Classic Design
Major  Design ConsiderationsMajor Design Considerations

  • Roof vent opening should be 10-15% of floor area and open leeward to wind
  • Windward side vent opening should equal one fourth all the roof vent openings
  • Side vent should be prevented from going directly out the first top vent
  • The windward side should be highly aerodynamic
  • A 50% shading system is very important for summer growing
  • Internal profiles should curve smoothly upward and out the vents (no traps)
  • Computer control is highly desirable for climate control and vent protection

Advantages  of Natural VentilationAdvantages of Natural Ventilated Greenhouse

  • Easy assembly and maintenance
  • Top Roof Openings for natural ventilation
  • Optimal heat and humidity release
  • Structure suitable for warm and humid climates
  • Low Energy requirement
  • Air Temperature can be maintained very close to outside air
  • Easy to operate, maintain & Control
  • Uniform yield & Better quality

Growing  Crop under Naturally Ventilated GreenhouseGrowing Crop under Naturally Ventilated Greenhouse

Cut Flowers

Dutch Rose, Gerbera, Carnation, Anthurium, Lilium, Chrysanthemum etc.

Exotic Vegetables

Cucumber, Color Capsicum, Cherry Tomato, Ginger, Yam, Broccoli, Lettuce, Strawberry, Chives etc.


Product NameSpecificationPrice List
Shade NetSpecificationPrice List
Poly PaperSpecificationPrice List
Insect NetSpecificationPrice List
Aluminum ProfileSpecificationPrice List
SpringSpecificationPrice List
Self Drilling Screw (SDS)SpecificationPrice List
Curtain ClampSpecificationPrice List
Manual Side Curtain Roll Up UnitSpecificationPrice List
Tape RollSpecificationPrice List
ApronSpecificationPrice List
Shade Net RingSpecificationPrice List
Shade Net RopeSpecificationPrice List
Plastic GutterSpecificationPrice List
Gutter FunnelSpecificationPrice List
GI Industrial Press GutterSpecificationPrice List
Air Circulation FanSpecificationPrice List
GI ClampSpecificationPrice List
GI WireSpecificationPrice List
Hot Dip Galvanized High Tensile Bolt,Nut & WasherSpecificationPrice List
Shade net Pulley With Clamp SpecificationPrice List
Universal JointSpecificationPrice List

Structure Stability Certificate
Structure Stability Report

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